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Augeo Advisors is a network of professionals with expertise in the development sector. Working as a network, we are guided by and collaborate with other experts to catalyze better outcomes for our clients, who are working for the public good. We are based in Bombay/ Delhi India and work on issues in a variety of geographies.

About Us

Augeo is a social impact focused consulting firm operating with the aim to provide high-quality advisory services to impact driven organizations. Augeo undertakes strategy formulation, systems and process development and re-engineering, Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment, and other critical assignments for its clients.

Augeo leverages its large network of experts and specialists and couples it with its strong Project Management and Quality focus principles to provide services in an effective and efficient manner in all development focused sectors.

The word ‘augeo’ has its origins in Latin and means growth and development and signifies our aim of catalyzing better outcomes for our partners.

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What We Can Do for You

Some of our services include:

Strategy Development

After undertaking an in-depth review of the core objectives of clients, existing plans and programmes and undertaking a comparison with similar companies, Augeo Advisors assists with co-creating of vision, framework and strategy finalization.

Implementation planning and Operations Support

We help in creating SOPs for activities, reporting frameworks and managing projects. we support in programme implementation and review programme success.

Monitoring and Impact Evaluation

We use a wide variety of frameworks and methods and create tools to assess programmes, their implementation, and find insights that can be used to better outcomes or replicate programmes.

Social Return on Investment Measurement

One challenge faced by impact investors is to clearly measure social impact that is created. Augeo Advisors undertakes social performance measurement to measure the same.

Our Partners

In order to provide the best outcomes for our clients, we collaborate with the following partners. Our partners have a wide variety of expertise in different thematic areas as well as processes.

Our Clients

Since our inception in 2018, Augeo Advisors has been fortunate to work with the following clients

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Get in Touch

For any of our services described above, please get in touch using the form below